5 reasons we all might like Goya

16May 2006

In lieu of “Artwork of the month,” I give you Goya.

I like Goya, maybe you do too.  I have been looking at one of his paintings for years now.
So why do we like Goya?

1.  Francis Bacon and Goya would have been great friends. 
2.  Goya’s work is dark, realistic philosophically and visually, and honest.
3.  Goya is a war hero of sorts.
4. Goya’s historical prowess is accurate. 
5.  He is not boring all of the time.

 This oil painting is on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  I enjoy looking at Goya’s work for the visual record of his times that it gives us.  Albeit, I do not really like his work.  It is boring to me.

Francisco Jose de Goya Lucientes
Spanish, 1746-1828
“Self Portrait with Dr. Arrieta”
1820, Oil on canvas.

“The dream of reason produces monsters.”
– Goya