Artwork of the month by Willem de Kooning

8April 2009

I discovered Willem de Kooning in 1992 browsing through a book store.  Immediately I found myself admiring his philosophical originality within his works.  He outlived his contemporaries, the living hard and fast generation of artists that burned life out.  Although he completely rejected movements, de Kooning was the best out of the abstract expressionists.  His work was original.

There is so much on the net about Willlem de Kooning that I decided not to go too deep into his life, but express what inspired me about his work.

This is the work that started my admiration of his work.  Compositionally it is impeccable, and as to his color selections, I could see that de Kooning was ahead of his peers.  This painting transformed how I view abstract works.

Willem de Kooning
“Seated Woman”
1040, oil and charcoal on masonite

As we take a look at his portfolio, we see that de Kooning’s career is a long climb back to peace of mind.  Looking chronologically at his works, we can see the passionate beginning, the decent into some form of madness, and the slow and steady climb back to peace of mind.  I can say that because I know him through his work.  

“Queen of Hearts”


“Untitled XII”

“Untitled #2”

“Art never seems to make me peaceful or pure.”
-Willem de Kooning