Artwork of the month: “Immaculate Madonna”

27January 2011

Every now and then a work of art truly inspires me, or I just like it, so I talk about it.  
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has been purchasing a great deal of quality works as of late.  One of the best acquisitions lately has been the “Immaculate Madonna” by Giacomo Antonio Ponsonelli.  It was purchased by Eike Schmidt, the curator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture.  Here is a link to a pretty cool video about the work.

This sculpture was recently acquired by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts at a bargain price, but that is another story.  I love this sculpture, it is truly a masterwork.  Now I can spend as much time as I want observing it, and someday if I feel inclined to do so, create my interpretation of it for today’s world.

Giacomo Antonio Ponsonelli
Italian, 1654-1735
“Immaculate Madonna”
1710, marble

Go to the MIA and take a look at this…
…it is worth the time.