Artwork of the month: Nintendo and “the Annunciation”

17January 2006

I have always found this painting funny.  My first memory of truly looking at it was with Philip Hoffman, jumping in place, circling his arms like wings in front of it saying “pew pew, shoots it right into the womb like a laser, LIKE A LASER,” and seriously I can never get that moment out of my head when look at this painting.  

and why would I want to…

Just look at it, teasing the second world like an original Nintendo game, 8-bit and all.  The bird shooting Jesus like a laser beam… 
…shooting the kid right in there.

Girolamo de Santacroce
Italian, 1503-1556
“the Annuciation”
1540, oil on panel

A good comparison is Kid Icarus, the original Nintendo gem from 1986.

Scene from a Nintendo game with lasers.

With this side by side comparison of lasers and angels from the golden age of video games, we can reveal the truth of the annunciation.  Jesus was shot into the womb with a laser beam.  Right out of the mouth of a dove, or dirty street pigeon just take your pick.