Divinity School

8October 2016

Divinity school

The misconception that abstraction is checked for its quality as it comes from the value system of the modern art market is simply inaccurate.  Distraction is not subjective and subjectivity is constantly taken advantage of casually.  There is nothing wrong with making a profit from an artist, albeit that artists labor ideally should be his gain.  That contradiction is a calculated decision on the speculative effect a living artists work will have on mankind in years to come.  More times than not that prediction is accurate when placed against a larger pool of the population.  That same process for accessing value is completely inaccurate when looked at through a smaller lens.  I adore abstract works of art, and if compositionally sound I find myself at ease in their presence.  There was a time where I followed everything happening.  I no longer understand the current trends, and I no longer seek to know them.  I enjoy the isolation of my current home, just as I enjoy the works that I am creating in that isolation.

As soon as one outgrows, or simply decides to ignore the vanity and pride of being different, the individualism of our era, then the ability to see a truth as in the nature of reality grants mankind with the ability to see the truth in daily life.  Seeing that, understanding that, and knowing how powerless one is to that gate is at first for some painful.  As those types morn their loss, the few others celebrate their liberty.  Inevitably that suffering or joy becomes wisdom if the artist is honest with their insight.  Very few are honest with themselves or their motivations.

I also enjoy rambling about ideas that more then likely are complete nonsense.  Possibly that is related to my love of abstraction.  I met an artist here on Maui this week, and witnessed first hand their delusion of self and motive.  Mostly I can just call them youthful, but really I will call them lost in aggrandizement.  However it has been on my mind, the circle of influence we all project regardless of its actuality.  Within that I applaud youth and ask myself; how is it that I am seeing myself as old being as young as I am?  Then I recall what I just wrote while looking for the next sentence.  How pleasurable this game is to me.