Divinity School

10March 2016

Divinity School

After four years of putting aside and abandoning oil painting, simply being without oil painting, I find my reasons for painting in the past to be subjective even to myself.  I do not wish to go into a lengthy dialogue about why I do what I do.  It is enough that I enjoy it and that it is part of my identity, one where I have no dependency of painting, albeit there is always the desire to oil paint.  Even now I find myself  plotting for the future where I have an employee who does most of the tattoos in the studio while I oil paint.  I simply need the time to do my work now, and unfortunately time is controlled by money.  I must establish the means for this to happen, and that may take a couple more years.  As I work towards this, I am going to paint the studies and find the look that best manipulates my intended concept.

I am now at a point in my life where I am once again able to pick up my brushes and start the next series of works.  I am in a great position to at the very least begin the process of creating an oil painting.  I no longer have any idea what it is I will paint, although I do have a goal of creating my masterwork “The Peloponnesian War,” as my first mature work.  That isn’t tiredly liberating and somewhat egotistical, it is simply what I have been working toward for the last four years.  So here we go again with the great journey into the mind; and yes, I intend to come out with gold.  I have no expectations as to what I may discover this time only that this will be interesting to me.  All those around me believe I will never again oil paint, nor do they see the impact I may have.  It’s almost as if they can’t see the assassin when it is directly in front of them. 

So here we go the great journey into the mind as the assassin as the liberator as the person who knows better than anyone that I truly know absolutely nothing about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I have played the role I needed to become for several years now, and now I will live as this character to its fullest.  

In regards to my intent, well that has always been clear, and I have always stated my formal intentions to everyone.  If they chose to listen then they will understand.  If they did not, there will inevitably be hurt feelings, as there almost always is when it is discovered that I am simply playing a role to obtain a perspective so I may accurately render my concept within the aesthetics of composition in abstract oil painting.  I still feel that this artist statement for the work I intend to complete as an artist is relevant.

Artist Statement…
I become a character who’s construct reflects a thing in its entirety.  Every aspect of my daily life is that character, that idea.  My paintings are titled directly what I want you to see.  Seeing is not a subject process.  Simply understand the words and look at the paintings. 

No exegesis whatsoever is needed. 
Adam M. Considine  March 2016