Divinity School

4December 2013

Divinity School.
This has been quite the adventure.  I moved my family to Maui Hawaii on a promise of ownership and a better quality of life.  Maui is the island of runaway adults that fit into a few categories.  We find ourselves flowing into the category of simply being in love with the Pacific Ocean here.  We dive, surf, fish, snorkel, and enjoy as much of the ocean we can as often as we can.

I do not think I can remember a time where I worked as hard as I am these days.  I know that everything I am doing now will secure my entire future; that is if it all works out remotely close to my plan.  A plan is something we all have, but it is more like a vision or a vision board.  Those bordering self help creations of our dreams, our inner self vomited into a collage that’s glued together  with regret and hopelessness.  A vision of your future self is pure vanity.   I call all of that bullshit.  Be, it is that easy.  I find just being here right now today in this moment as I am the only way.

The stress-less plan, the unconstrained plan, the only plan that works is not really a plan at all.  Just figure it out as you go, do what works and stop doing what does not.  So here we are, we jumped to Maui with a promise, and so far it is absolutely working in our favor.

We are still in the beginning of this new adventure, and I am really excited to see where we are in 5 years.  I like our plan to be as flexible as possible, as adaptable as possible, and as easy going as we can be.  So far working hard and being open to anything has been serving us very well.