Firefighters Carabiner

22January 2020

Last October we had a brush fire right behind our neighborhood.  The fire was directly across the street and with the high winds some of the sparks flew into our neighborhood and started small fires all over.  The area was evacuated for a day and we felt like we barely got out in time.  I ran home from work, ran into a friend and his girl on the road who raced me back the rest of the way so we could get the dogs out just before they closed off the neighborhood.  There was so much smoke that I couldn’t see through the house it was so thick.  The fire department really saved the neighborhood, so Athena and I dropped off some stuff to the fire department as a mahalo for saving the neighborhood.  The client is a fireman and he wanted this tattoo to be one of the lessons he earned on the job.  I tattooed his carabiner with the acronym SSFK slow and steady fast kills. This is the final session on this forearm band.  It was a really cool tattoo to work on, and the clients a cool sci fi geeks at heart.  

Mahalo to the Maui Fire Department.