Fishing Lure

24July 2018

I met a guy who wants to be a tattooer, I told him to lose all hope and start drawing and painting.  Then I gave him an impossible task to complete.  Really, it’s pretty impossible unless he just does it every day all day.  I tell everyone the same thing; go draw this stuff this many times and bring it to me when you are done then we will talk about the possibility of maybe you becoming my apprentice.  I do not do that to be cruel, I do it to wean out the fucking lazy.  Working under me is hard, I’m not very social, and I have a hard time seeing ways that things can be done other than my own.  Mostly, it’s just hard to be my apprentice because I want so much out of them before I even introduce a tattoo machine into the study.  
We shall see what happens, the last 5 that asked me for an apprenticeship have never come back.  Regardless I love this tattoo.  An American Traditional fishing lure.
Mahalo, and I hope this kid goes out and does the work I asked him to do.  I liked this one.