Hawaii #7 “I Had To Buy Shoes”

2January 2020

I finished the painting at the last hour.  This was a challenge to complete by the year, and as I was working on it I got two walk-in tattoos that each wanted something slightly complex.  I put my brushes down, did a couple of tattoos and then completed the painting.  I signed it 2020 as I finished it today.

I become a character who’s construct reflects the thing in its entirety.  Every aspect of my daily life is that character, that idea.  My paintings are titled directly what I want you the audience to see.  Simply understand the words and look at the painting.  No exegesis whatsoever is needed.
This is my preferred orientation of the piece.  All of my paintings can be hung with any side as the top, however I always have my favorite view.  
Hawaii #7 “I Had To Buy Shoes”
Oil on Linen 24”x12”