I quit my day job

13July 2012

I have resigned from my position at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  When I was first hired in October 2006, my plan was to keep the job for 5 years, prepare myself for self employment as an artist, and study my trade (oil painting) while gaining a better understanding of art history.
My personal goal was to complete my book “The Aesthetics of Composition in Abstract Oil Painting” and it looks like I have done just that.  I am now on a final edit of my book.  I expect to complete the final edit by the end of August.  I started writing this book in 1999.  I have been completing my formal work over the last three years.  It is intended to be a complete study for the student of oil painting.  If everything goes according to plan, I will release my book through the iTunes book store sometime in January of the coming year 2013.  If things don’t go according to plan I will self publish through a university press.
My 5 year plan became 5 years and 9 months.  Not bad considering that I was out of touch for a year and three months on medical leave after my bike accident.
My wife and I are moving to Maui, Hawaii at the end of August.  We will both be self employed.  I will work as a full time artist.  Athena will be transferring her business, “Such Good Dogs,”  a dog boarding, kenneling, and training facility.  We are both very excited for the future, and very grateful for our past.

So long…
…and thanks for all the fish.