Improvisation 33: “Loring Park Sky”

10December 2005

These photos were created over the span of five days.  

This painting, Improvisation 33:  “Loring Park Sky” (80×60), was one of my major works during my Improvisation series.  It took me several days of constant work to complete this painting.  I barely slept or ate.  Being too into the moment of this work (and not wanting any of the paint to start to dry so I could continuously change it as needed), I just drank coffee and smoked cigarettes for four or five days until I completed the painting.

I used to just squeeze the paint out onto the canvas, then spread it around like frosting.

Philip Hoffman was painting with me durring a few of those days.  As his apprentice, he guided my decision at times toward a good composition.  Albeit, he always allowed me to make my own compositional choices.

That must have been exciting.

Almost complete.

The painting is finished.  I love working on a large surface as it is truly liberating.  

Here it is completed.