Kickstarter Projet

31May 2011

If I haven’t seen you in awhile, sorry.  I have been in the studio.
I launched a Kickstarter project a few weeks ago.  Kickstarter is a backer-based grant program for artists and designers to complete their work when other funding is unavailable.  My project is a series of paintings that I have been working on for 5 years, and I am finally ready to complete it.  Knowing me, you have heard me talk about them at great length, since my artwork and the artwork of others is all I ever speak of.  This new work is honestly the best I have ever painted to date.  The paintings look exactly as I had seen them in my mind when I first came to their compositional and philosophical ideas in 2006. 
This series of paintings, titled “BitTorrent,” is the end of a search within my work that I had started unknowingly in 2002 with my “Bowling Alley” series of paintings.  It is not the end of my painting life.  It is the beginning of my life as a professional oil painter, one that’s defined day job is painting.  I have spent the last 15 years, and every dollar I have ever earned on oil painting.  My dedication to my craft has never weaned, it as never hit a block I couldn’t overcome, it has never stopped.  Knowing me, you know how often I paint.  I am always painting.
For my Kickstarter to succeed I truly need financial backers that believe in the achievement of my work and are willing to take a chance on it’s future success.  I need this funding so that I will be able to complete my series of paintings.  There are many good reasons why I need financial backers, but all of them are irrelevant if you do not believe in or enjoy my work.  If you do enjoy my work, if you can see it’s accomplishment, and you can recognize why investing in my work is a good choice, then please become a backer.
I will continue to paint regardless of funding.  The difference you can make by becoming a backer is time.  Under my current circumstances it will take me the next five years to be able to afford to complete my series.  With you behind me, I will complete my work in less than a year.  I desperately need new paint brushes, linen to paint on, and oil paint.  I am only looking to fund half of what I need through the Kickstarter program.
Take a moment to look at my website, my blog, and then take some time with my Kickstarter page and become a financial backer if you can.  Pass it along to your friends that would be interested in my work.  The rewards for becoming a backer are each works of art on different tiers of affordability.  The success of my Kickstarter project is dependent on your belief in me as an artist.  
Thank you for your time and consideration.  I sincerely believe in my work as an artist, and I hope you do as well.
Adam M. Considine