Mothers day

8May 2011

I would like to, just for a moment, show some respect to my mother and her mother.

My Mom Barbara, is pretty cool, as all our mothers are.  She has supported my decisions to become an artist every step of the way.  She sent me to art camp in the summer (at the Arts High School), put me into programs at school that would develop my talents, bought me art supplies when I needed them, and worked a crappy job she didn’t like to pay for everything.  Mom has gone farther than that, she taught me how to run a business, how to earn a living with my artwork, and how to plan for tomorrow and still accomplish what I want today.  Without the guidance of my mother, I wouldn’t be a professional oil painter.

Her mother, Virginia, is a landscape and wildlife oil painter.  I spent the majority of my youth at my grandparent’s place.  And although I vaguely remember, family constantly tells me of how I would ask her to draw pictures for me all day every day.  I would ask her to draw an animal, or car, or tree, or whatever came to mind and she would draw it out for me on the table.  I started doing this to her as soon as I could form words.  Then I got into her art supplies.  Grandma taught me how to use oil paint, let me paint with her, and watched the Bob Ross painting show on PBS with me.

I have always been painting for as long as I can remember.  I have been able to do so because of these two…

…Mom & Grandma, I love you both.