Proteus Mag

15August 2012

Dustin parker at Proteus Mag was kind enough to feature me as on of his artist of the day.  I was featured in one of his earlier publications, Issue 2 of the magazine (summer of 2007).  Proteus Mag has evolved into a full-on blog daily featuring artists from around the world.  
There are an amazing amount of talented artists on Proteus Mag’s blog.  It’s definitely worth subscribing to his RSS feed.
After surfing through a few hundred artist of the day posts at Proteus Mag, I see even more that the pure abstract artist is few and far between.  There are so few artists today that work from a traditional abstraction, and I welcome that.  It gives me the social freedom to create whatever I desire without the fear of fitting into a groove of “ism.”
After all, I am a Compositionalist with few contemporaries.
Check out Proteus Mag…
…Dustin features new artists daily.