Texture Painting 1

2November 2007

I had started this on a separate web-server and decided that blogspot.com was the best choice for me.  So this post is backdated, and simply copied from my old blog.

I thought that I would just start off with some pictures of a painting I worked on a while back.  This is the process of oil painting a texture composition.  This was the first of many sessions of adding oil paint to the canvas.  When I work with the texture of oil paint, I start out with a lot of paint, and sculpt it like clay into forms.  After I have established the main composition with the larger forms of oil color, I like to just keep adding oil color with a palette knife.

These paintings, if I could truly afford them, would be what I focus on most of my time.

These pics are of me sculpting the first large forms on the canvas.

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