The “Bug”

22February 2016

There is a tattoo that I have wanted since I first saw it.  Its the Bug, or the “stink Bug” and it is a Minneapolis tradition.  It is passed between people I know in Minneapolis and those traditions normally involve drinking.   You have to be absolutely drunk.  The person giving you the tattoo has to be beyond drunk, and anyone involved needs to be wasted as well.  You don’t have to be a tattooer to give this to someone, you just need to have been given one, and be wasted when you tattoo it.
So we got Trevor wasted on Jameson and beer and had him tattoo us all with the bug.  He originally got his from an Aprentice piercer. 
I think we drank three bottles of Jameson.
 Our friend Gak was visiting from Japan and he doesn’t drink very much.  I kept filling his cup with whiskey and he kept drinking.
That’s a tender spot. 
 Athena and Trevor triumphantly showing off her new ink.
happy drunk
I bet it didn’t hurt at all. 
I absolutely love my “Stink Bug” tattoo. Thanks Trevor.
Monica getting hers, happy drunk and happy getting tattooed.
Here we all are dreading the hangover and loving our current tattoos.
Fuck that was fun.