Wedding Rings

22September 2011

Athena and I picked up our wedding rings this month…
 We worked with a jewelry designer named Karin Jacobson, she owns Karin Jacobson design where all of her jewelry showcases a wide variety of style and type from necklaces to rings to bracelets and more.  It took me several months to chose a place to go for our wedding rings, and my choice was  perfect.  
Karin worked with us to design the rings, and it was fast, it was fun, and overall Karin gets our business in the future.  
This is the set, Athena’s engagement ring, her wedding band, and mine.
Here are a few pics of Athena’s engagement ring,.
It is a natural 1.04ct green diamond set in palladium.

Thanks for the fantastic wedding rings Karin, they are works of art…
…we love them.