About Adam Considine

Adam Considine is a master oil painter and has been a professional artist since 1996.  Adam is a compositionalist.  He uses the classical techniques of oil painting to create abstract compositions of brilliantly colored forms.  Adam is always painting.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Adam and his family moved to Maui, Hawaii in 2012; desiring a less complicated life where he could simply work and find inspiration in relative isolation to tattoo and create a new series of oil paintings.  Adam and his wife Athena own Sweet Trade Tattoo in West Maui.  Adam works with traditional American, Japanese, and Polynesian tattoo.

Adam is currently tattooing at Sweet Trade Tattoo by appointment only and working on his latest series of paintings, while preparing for a major compositional work.  His works are in private collections throughout the United States.

Artist statement

I become a character who’s construct reflects the thing, the subject in its entirety.  Every aspect of my daily life is that character, that idea.

My paintings are titled directly what I want you to see.  Simply understand the words and look at the paintings.

No exegesis whatsoever is needed.