The Bullfight

The Bullfight Artist Statement

This series was inspired by my experiences in Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, and Wadley in Mexico’s northern desert.  All relationships to the subject matter of the word Bullfight should be considered while looking at this work.

A bullfight is a theatrical form of entertainment teeming with the iconic sex and violence of a human tragedy. Consider the pride of those who set the scene up and expect your automatic suspension of disbelief.  The bull is well wounded before the fight. The costuming is spectacular. Two opponents move across a choreographed space. The matador will only lose if he missteps his rehearsed engagements.

This series rearranges the idea of a bullfight to allow the viewer insight to see its stage as an analogy that can be applied to current pop cultural world events; and with that insight, the ability to judge the spectacle of human tragedy.

Adam M. Considine 2006