Rabbititus Artist Statement

This series is an exploration of the compositional elements inherent in a literal interpretation of each color.  Each of the works in this series is a study of all the aspects of a single color, such as the spatial relationship of its own structure and its relationship to other colors and forms.  I am also exploring the possibilities of color through the use of the fundamentals of classical oil painting.  A search for deeper meaning in my work will likely confuse and distract the viewer from its simplicity.

The use of title in this series is formed from the archetypal character model of Elmer Fudd. His understanding is basic, without nuance. He grasps all ideas and situations presented to him at face value, and subsequently is easily confused and victimized by guile. In “Hare Tonic,” Elmer’s character is effortlessly influenced, even by his enemies, and is more than willing to believe anything he is told.  Individuals relying on the immediacy of absolutes are willing to devoutly believe anything their social structure tells them, and their decisions can be likened to that of the naive mannerisms of Elmer Fudd’s behavioral patterns.

Adam M. Considine 2007