Anniversary Vacation – Part 1.

11March 2020

This is our first vacation since 2012.  We had planned on taking vacations every 4 years to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but we skipped 2016 to continue to build the business and just took an extended weekend to ourselves.  This trip was well worth it and man did we ever have an amazing time.  We just got back, and I wanted to just blog about it for a second.
The day before we flew off island, I gave Athena a little gift made by one of my clients.  Athena and I have played a game since we met, its about hiding this little stuffed toy hedgehog she calls Humphrey somewhere.  I hide it, she finds it, she hides it, I find it, etc. We put it places where it will be a surprise to find.
She loved the Baby Yoda crochet; mahalo to you mystery client.
A baby Yoda and Humphrey

We got to Disney late at night but the bar was still open.  Athena was pretty tired from all the travel.

Disney was absolutely fantastic.  It is really funny, I don’t like theme parks, I don’t go to roller coaster parks or water parks or anything like it and I honestly expected to not really have as good of a time as I did.  I swear to you, every second was amazing and I had a fucking fantastic time.  I really wish we had stayed there for a few more days.  We spent 80% of our time in the Star Wars areas, and we did everything.  
Stormtroopers everywhere!
A Wing Fighter!
X Wing Fighter!

Several times a day they do a show where they start on stage and then go into the park and search for resistance fighters, while the resistance ducks and hides from the first order.  We followed one of the shows through the park and it lasts about an hour. Supper fun!

The Millenium Falcon!  The ride was pretty fun but Athena and I both got a bit motion sick from the digital screen.  We spent the rest of the day just exploring Batuu.

Batu is huge!

Everywhere you look is filled with stuff, I have way too many pictures to post.
The new ride “Rise of Resistance” was probably the best ride I have ever been on.  Most rides have a line where you wait, but for this, the line was part of the show.  The entire time we were in line it felt like we were on the ride, and it was in a couple stages where you are in the show and they move you from area to area as the story progresses.  The entire ride was about 25 min or so, and it was a amazing.  We were able to get passes to the ride twice, so all of these pics are from my second run through, and well I was more just experiencing it then taking pics so…

 You start off waiting in line that is a huge resistance tunnel full of crates to scan and interact with on your smart phone.  It is crazy awesome.

I love the Resistance computers everywhere!

You then reach the start of the ride where BB 88 and Ray transmitting in a hologram tell you that we need to escape Batuu because the First Order is coming to get us.

From there we left and entered a shuttle to fly us off planet and we were attacked by the First Order.

It really felt and looked like we were in the shuttle taking off and flying into space!

This room was a gigantic ship hanger.

The First Order put us all into groups of 4, and the rest of the ride begins!
The ride was really fun, and it made the entire Star Wars Batuu adventure really fucking awesome.
Okay, more to come on part two, there are going to be some really longs posts.