Anniversary Vacation – Part 2.

12March 2020

Alright, continuing with our pictures and stuff about our vacation.  Remember, this is really our first vacation in so long its a big deal to us. We spent more time doing everything Star Wars we could.  Athena and I are absolutely insane Star Wars fans and we always have been.  We have watched ALL of the Star Wars movies and shows so many times I can’t even begin to count.  We love them for the legend, the story, we love the characters, and we love the heroes.  To me it’s really just modern mythology and its the hero’s tale told over and over, I fucking love Star Wars.  It was so fun to run around Galaxies Edge and just play.  Honestly there was so much to do that our 5 days there were not enough and we would like to go back someday.

Athena dressed up like Ray and went all in character for a day.

Hamming it up in Batuu.

Every time Athena ran into a Star Wars character they talked to her and she froze, like she was star struck and couldn’t speak…froze.  It was pretty funny.

 We made lightsabers in Savi’s Workshop, pretty cool and they are surprisingly strong.  We ran around the park fighting with them all day.

I was surprised by a client of mine that showed up and congratulated us on our anniversary!
Her tattoo healed really nicely too.  Pretty cool surprise to run into a client.  Funny thing, we kept running into people I had tattooed over the years!

We went to the Launch Bay which was really a mini museum of stuff from the movies.  It was pretty cool.  Everything Star Wars in Disney was just fun for us.


 Athena loves the Falcon!

The Ghost is my favorite ship.


Athena got a hug from Chewbacca.

There is so much more that we did at Disney, And then we went to San Diego for a week.  San Diego just sucks, except the food which was good.  We only went there to visit a friend and see someplace we had not been.  If you are ever thinking about going there just skip it, San Diego really just sucks.
Disney was so much fun, I really didn’t expect to enjoy it hat much and we want to go back someday.
It will be good to get back into the studio tomorrow, do some tattoos and get back into the Island life again.

So there has been some really crazy news about this virus going around in China that is starting to spread all over the US, there were since cases in California while we were at Disney, but everything seemed okay.  Now that we are home, people are kinda freaking out about it.  Crazy world man.