Epic Dive at Mala Wharf.

30May 2020

Yesterday My buddy Tim the owner of Tiny Bubbles Scuba, took me out on the iconic Mala Wharf dive.  It was EPIC!
Banded coral shrimp. These little dudes are so cool.
A moorish idol and a couple of butterfly fish.
I love watching reef sharks they are so beautiful, graceful actually.
Off shore fisherman hook white-tip reef sharks often.  I have taken hooks out of turtles, but i have no intention of trying to help this guy.  There were four sharks under the docs that we found, and I am sure there were more we just didn’t find.
School of chubs.
Puffer Fish, I see more of them on the north beaches past Kapalua but it was good to spend some time with this gal.
So many green sea turtles.
Frog Fish, love these guys!
And I finally (after 50+ dives since 2012) got PADI certified as an open water recreational diver.   Now I can go anywhere and have my own tanks to go dive anywhere in the world!
I am still inching closer to opening the studio so we can start tattooing and painting again!  I will keep you all posted.