Kama‘aina First Economy.

3June 2020

Today we have officially been listed on the Kama’aina First locals supporting locals county of maui business listings.  This is a pretty big deal to me, and it really makes me feel like my family and our small business’s are that much more of a part of maui.
Maui is making the transition (one we were thrown into due to covid-19) to a local economy.  Maui has always had locals supporting locals, and we have always had tourist industry.  The tourist industry over the last 15 years had become 90% of our entire economy, and when covid-19 put an abrupt stop to that we the people have to just as immediately adapt and change how we do business.
Moving forward after covid-19 the Kama’aina First initiative is one of many changes we are making here on Maui to keep the people of Maui working and supporting each other to build a truly independent local economy.
Mahalo to our Mayor for the awesome work!
And everyone, shop locally!