My grandfather’s drafting table

17March 2012

My grandfather Greg was an engineer, a problem solver for Honeywell.  In his spare time he did fine woodworking.  Pop built clocks, most of the furniture in his house, tools to do things he needed, and he designed it all.
This drafting table is one of his designs and it has been mine for the last 15 years.  
I use it for everything.
Its height is adjustable from 36 inches and it can extend to 60 inches tall.  Making it comfortable to work on sitting in a chair, a tall stool, or standing.  I do most of my work on it these days standing.
The bottom of the legs are held by peg braces so it is easy to disassemble.
The adjustments are made by simple bolts and fly nuts.


The top can rotate its angle almost 180% and adjust to be flipped completely for working on complicated and tight compositions.  
His brother Rodney passed on a few years ago and I got his drafting tools.  This drafting arm is perfect for design and basic drafting.  I used it mainly for laying out tricky compositional elements when I wanted forms to coincide with one another.
I love this drafting table…
…I will use it until I die.