Today I am getting Married!

29February 2012

Today, February 29th, 2012 leap-day,
I am going to be Married to Athena A. Capen.  
(I pre-wrote this and had it scheduled to post today.)
My life is vastly different with Athena in it.  You may have heard this and just rolled your eyes, but I am twice the man now because of her.  In fact, I actually see myself as a man now.  I love Athena, she is beautiful, well educated, and completely herself.  
Athena is my best friend, we do everything together. 
Athena is completely loyal.
Athena is honest to me and to all the world. She has nothing to hide and no regrets about who she is.
Athena is absolutely beautiful beyond words.  
She is tough, don’t mess with her or she’ll kill you.
Athena supports my career as an artist, loves my work, and is not afraid to tell me when she doesn’t like what I am working on.
She stands behind my decisions in life, as I do hers.
Together we have been through personal tragedy, hard financial times, and of course way more good times than bad.  I have more good memories of the last 4 years than I can post in a single blog.  Through everything we have seen, we always came out on top, our relationship always was strengthened, and our understanding of who we are and what we are capable of increased.  
I am probably standing in front of my family and friends right now putting a ring on Athena’s finger.
This is Athena, the woman I am getting married to as you read this.
At times she is an intergalactic gangster.

…she makes a pretty bad-ass princess Leia…
Chris (my best man), Athena and Philip.

Athena is a dog trainer, and she is good at what she does.  Her love for dogs, giving them the best life possible, and getting them to do cool stuff astounds me every time our pups learn a new trick.  I have no idea how she does it.

Here she is on her last birthday, we went to her favorite restaurant, had her favorite drinks, and ate her favorite food.  I am not telling any of you where her favorite place is, it’s silly American food and decor. 

Here we are at the State fair.  It’s only fun when I go with her.

yep, you guessed it, the butterfly tent.

Athena is almost has the wingspan of an eagle… 

…or a trumpeter swan.

My vows to you:
I will do my very best to always make us happy…
…to always work to improve the quality of our life…
…as together we build a life based on our love and care for one another.
Getting married to you is the coolest decision I have made to date.
Right now as you read this I am getting married.
Then I am off to my honeymoon…  
…I will see you all in a few weeks.