Two new Aaron Cain tattoo machines

19June 2013

I just received two new tattoo machines from Aaron Cain, and they are pretty good. 
I got a rino liner and shadder.

Both of these hit pretty hard, and I can see them piercing the skin like butter at the right speed.  I am going to have to play with them a bit to get used to them and to adjust them to my needs.  I like it when my machine hits like it wants to break cement at low speed.  If my machine can punch through with ease at a low speed then they keep up with me and I don’t have to keep up with the machine.
I like it when I can just go over a line one time, slowly pulling the entire line.  I normally run my machines pretty slow; 7.5 volts on a critical to 8.5 volts.  
Now its time to have some fun with these, and if I like them I will buy more.