Wedding Anniversary

29February 2020

Today is my wedding anniversary.  Athena and I were married on February 29th 2012, leap day.  That year it had barely snowed, and in the evening before it did.  We woke up to a wedding day with fresh white snow everywhere, and it was beautiful.  My one wedding vow to her was that I would continue to improve the quality of her life, always.  When I look back to where we were when we met, married, and where we are today I can definitely say that we have done that together.

My marriage to Athena has been the greatest event of my entire life.  The kind of love Athena and I have for one another is that one in a century love of the ages.  It has been amazing, and we are always together.

 I love this woman with all of my heart every day.

Athena has taught me what it truly means to care for another.

Every 4 years we go somewhere on a real vacation.  This time, because we have been so busy, and working so hard for what seams like eight years straight through, we decided to take some real time off from the world, and just enjoy ourselves.  We have been on vacation for most of this month, and we will not return until midway through the next.  I have not blogged much since we decided to take some time to ourselves.  I will be back and active here when we return from our adventure.

This is what true love looks like, Mahalo.